What’s in the Bag? 5 Things the Rhapsody Crew Won’t Leave Home Without

//What’s in the Bag? 5 Things the Rhapsody Crew Won’t Leave Home Without

What’s in the Bag? 5 Things the Rhapsody Crew Won’t Leave Home Without

Whats-In-The-Bag-Rhapsody-CrossFit1When it comes to the essentials, there are five things that make it into the bags of CrossFit athletes time and time again. Peer with us for a moment as we take a peek into the bag of a Rhapsody crew member and find out what’s vital and what brands work best:

#1 – Wrist Wraps

No bag is complete without a solid set of wrist wraps. These velcro wraps help assist heavy weight lifting and can easily wrap around your wrist. They’re beneficial in not putting too much pressure on your grip, wrists or forearms, and are ultimately going to help you lift heavier moving forward.

Brands we love: Stoic, Rogue Fitness, WOD Nation

#2 – Athletic Tape

Athletic tape is designed to wrap around your thumb and fingers in order to provide a solid grip, minimize wear and tear on your hands and prevent blisters from forming. Though more seasoned hands may not need the support of tape, it’s still good in a pinch when a bar is slippery or you need an extra bit of grip support.

Brands we love: HookGrip, OLIFT, Rocktape

#3 – Foam Roller

You’d be surprised how small foam rollers can be. Keeping a small foam roller in your bag allows you to do some warm-up or recovery no matter where you are. If you don’t have room for a foam roller, a travel-size stick roller can always help in a pinch!

Brands we love: TriggerPoint, Rogue Fitness, The Stick

#4 – Knee Sleeves

Designed to protect your knees and prevent injury, knees sleeves support lifting properly and with good form. The compression of a knee sleeve is meant to increase blood flow and prevent swelling in the knee during and after workouts.

Brands we love: Rehband, Nordic Lifting, PowerLix

#5 – Speed Rope

Though your average gym is going to provide speed ropes, sometimes it’s nice to already know exactly what you’re getting into when you start your double-unders. With a comfortable speed rope fit just for you, you won’t have to spend time adjusting to different ropes or making sure that the one you’ve selected is long enough to clear your head.

Brands we love: RPM Training, EVO, EliteSRS

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