Rhapsody CrossFit in Charleston rolls out online programming, instructional videos and virtual one-on-one coaching. 

In response to temporarily closing our gym in Charleston, Rhapsody CrossFit did what we do best to show up for our members and community – thought outside the box. 

Just because we cannot throw down together at the gym, does not mean losing ground on critical health and fitness. Rhapsody hustled to go remote launching online programming, instructional videos and virtual one-on-one coaching.


The newly launched Home WOD features daily workouts requiring little or no equipment so you can get your sweat session in whenever and wherever you are. This library of online programming is easily accessed through the SugarWOD mobile app.

Coaching videos to accompany each workout can be found on Rhapsody CrossFit’s YouTube channel to make sure you feel confident in the movements, get a bit of encouragement and feel charged to tackle the task at hand.

To compliment our online workout programs and instructional videos, Team Rhapsody coaches provide daily virtual check-ins to continue delivering a high-touch experience, ensuring accountability and keeping our community engaged.

If you are interested in joining our Rhapsody community, jump on in and enjoy access to all the new online programming, instructional videos and virtual coaching designed to keep you fit, happy and healthy.  

Stay positive, stick together and keep working it out. If you have any questions or want to learn more, reach out to Team Rhapsody today.