Ok, team, we’re taking this party outdoors and online. Until the gym can reopen, Rhapsody CrossFit in Charleston is at your service to keep good momentum going and gains coming.

Starting on Thursday, March 19, Rhapsody will temporarily close our gym for the health and safety of our community.

We are in some uncharted waters, but will navigate them together with optimism and enthusiasm.

Rhapsody CrossFit

Ok, team, Rhapsody CrossFit is going virtual.


During this temporary gym closure, Rhapsody will offer outdoor CrossFit workouts at Hampton Park on the following schedule:

  • Monday: 6AM, 9AM, 12PM and 5:30PM
  • Tuesday: 6AM, 9AM, 12PM and 5:30PM
  • Wednesday: 6AM, 9AM, 12PM and 5:30PM
  • Thursday: 6AM, 9AM, 12PM and 5:30PM
  • Friday: 6AM, 9AM, 12PM and 5:30PM
  • Sweaty Saturday Outdoor Edition: 8AM and 9AM
  • Sunday: 10AM

Hampton Park workouts will start at the pond parking lot inside the park. Class sizes are limited so reserve your spot on Zen Planner in advance. Make sure to bring water and sunscreen.

In case of inclement weather, Rhapsody will move online for virtual classes on Zoom. These online classes are all about keeping us engaged and connected. Check SugarWOD for announcements about virtual class times if we can’t be outside.


  1. Download the ZOOM app to your device well before you intend to join.
  2. Click the following link ID 5 minutes before class starts: https://zoom.us/j/2244108793
  3. Go full send with your Rhapsody crew!

Heads up, you will be automatically muted upon arrival to the class. This will allow your Team Rhapsody Coach to take charge and keep chaos to a minimum. Don’t stress, there will be plenty of interaction, dad jokes and fun. 


Pro tip, set up your music before we start the virtual class. Rhapsody will be sharing some Spotify stations and playlists we love and encourage you budding DJs to do the same.

If you cannot join us for the outdoor or virtual class times, make sure to stay on top of your fitness by doing the daily Home WOD on the SugarWOD app and follow our coaching videos on Rhapsody CrossFit’s YouTube channel.

We are making some damn good lemonade out of lemons here, people. Stay positive, stick together and keep working it out. If you have any questions, reach out to any member of Team Rhapsody.