We find ourselves in challenging times, friends. Through this uncertainty, Rhapsody is committed to being agile and responsive, while continuously weighing what is best for our members, team, family and friends. 

Come what may, our community will always come first. None of us get a guidebook for this, but we are dedicated to making careful and informed decisions as each hour unfolds. 

Our gym doors are currently open but this could change in the coming days as we continually monitor the situation. As a reminder, we have doubled-down on our cleaning measures and member safety precautions.


For those of you who wish to workout from the comfort of your home, we have rolled out Home WOD on the SugarWOD app. You will find the daily workouts by selecting the Home WOD track from the drop-down menu. These workouts require little or no equipment so you can get your sweat session in whenever and wherever you are. Daily coaching videos to accompany each workout can be found on Rhapsody CrossFit’s YouTube channel to make sure you feel confident in the movements, get a bit of encouragement and feel charged to tackle the task at hand.

You have put some serious sweat equity into making gains, increasing stamina and enhancing your overall health – you’ve simply worked too hard to lose ground now.

In the event that we need to temporarily close our gym, we will offer virtual CrossFit classes on Zoom (Monday through Friday at 6AM, 9AM, 12PM and 5:30PM and at 9AM on Saturdays and Sundays). Stay tuned for details and instructions on accessing Zoom if we get to this point.

We will ride this out together. Team Rhapsody is here because of you and we cannot begin to express how much your patience, positive attitudes and support mean to all of us during this challenging time.

Keep your chin up. Stay connected. Take care of one another.

If you have any questions about our COVID-19 response or contingency plan, please reach out to any member of Team Rhapsody.