Whether you want to find your feet with new movements, switch up your routine or hone in on a specific skill, personal training is an excellent option for helping you achieve your fitness goals. 

At Rhapsody CrossFit in Charleston, we have an elite team of trainers available for you with a breadth of experience and expertise. Although each personal trainer brings a unique approach and skillset to the table, they all start by clearly defining your goals and developing a custom plan designed just for you.

Ready to meet the Rhapsody personal training team? Drum roll, please…

Coach Stan Tsoy at Rhapsody CrossFit in Charleston.

Coach Stan Tsoy

Stan Tsoy – The Habit of Health

Namastan! Coach Stan dedicates his diverse background as a CrossFit Coach, Precision Nutrition Coach and Registered Nurse to help his clients develop a holistic, healthy lifestyle through personal training, nutrition consulting and mindful practice. 

Cutting through the overload and overwhelm of trends, fads and noise, Stan is the secret weapon to becoming the best version of yourself with smart, simple and sustainable habits. 

Coach Owen Bernstein

Strength in Motion

Ready to be a force of movement? Founded by Rhapsody CrossFit Coach and Rhapsody Athletic Department Competitor, Owen Bernstein, Strength in Motion offers personal training designed for each and every athlete in steady pursuit of enhancing strength and stamina. 

With a focus on strength training and supplemental programming, Coach Owen’s philosophy is that consistency will drive change.

Coach Elizabeth Hall at Rhapsody CrossFit in Charleston.

Coach Elizabeth Hall

Elizabeth Hall Performance Training

Is the solid and steady pursuit of fitness your speed? Talk to Coach Liz. Infatuated with the nuance of movement, Liz focuses on the root of improvement by challenging her clients to understand the science and reasoning behind each quality rep. 

By training with Coach Liz, you’ll be building both your brawn and brains.

Heather Black

Heather Black Fitness

You may have seen this glamazon grace the cover of Oblique Magazine

A NASM certified personal trainer, CrossFit Level 2 and Precision Nutrition Coach, Heather Black not only has the knowledge to train you safely and effectively, but the real-life experience as the mom of four boys to help you find practical strategies and sustainable solutions for real life. 

Head Coach Alan Shaw at Rhapsody CrossFit in Charleston.

Head Coach Alan Shaw

Alan Shaw Fitness

Rhapsody’s Head Coach offers personal training sessions with a special focus on those new to CrossFit, 50+ athletes and competitive athletes. Personal training sessions may involve show tunes, laughs and a lot of sweat – you were warned. 

We are here to help with every tool at our disposal to support you in the relentless pursuit of becoming your best self on all fronts. If you’re interested in learning more about personal training and ways to enhance your fitness, talk to any Team Rhapsody Coach.