Handled-With-Care-Rhapsody-CrossFitWhen we think about post-workout recovery, we often think of stretching, foam rolling and maybe an Epsom salt bath. Sure, these are all great ways to take care of sore (or soon-to-be sore) muscles, but what are you doing to take care of your hands? Every lift and bar grab takes a toll on your hands, which is why it’s vital to make certain that you’re properly maintaining good hand care.

Start with athletic tape.

Athletic tape can make a huge difference in the amount of damage you do to your hands. Though you don’t necessarily need to wrap your hands for every workout, consider doing so on those that use the barbell or require a lot of hand work. This will lessen the number of blisters and calluses you end up getting, while still strengthening your hands.

Moisturize often.

One thing that calluses love is dry skin. When you moisturize often (especially after workouts and showers), you’re helping to keep calluses and blisters to a minimum, while making sure your hands stay fairly smooth.

Shave when necessary.

Sometimes you need to take a moment to deal with large calluses that have built up on your hands. Shaving or filing your calluses (with something like a Ped Egg) can help keep existing calluses from pinching or breaking during your workout. These tools work great to maintain hand care and help you do your best during every WOD.

When rips happen, treat them appropriately.

Perhaps you didn’t get around to shaving down your calluses or are working through a particularly difficult WOD and you get a tear on your hand. Don’t panic! When rips do happen, make sure to clean the wound first, apply a salve or medicine like Neosporin and cover the tear with gauze. Whether you get back to the workout is up to you, but make sure your tears are cleaned, medicated and covered!

Taking care of your hands is an important part of any post-workout regimen. Make sure your hands are well-maintained with athletic tape, moisture, shaving and appropriate tear care when necessary!

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