Day 1: What To Expect From Your First Rhapsody CrossFit Class

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Day 1: What To Expect From Your First Rhapsody CrossFit Class

By Alan Shaw, Rhapsody Head Coach

For many of us, trying something new is a mixed bag of excitement and apprehension.

Whether you are dipping a toe into fitness for the first time or are a seasoned CrossFit veteran, stepping inside a new gym can be intimidating. Along with striking a superman pose in the parking lot, knowing a little bit about what you’re walking into may help calm the nerves.

Buckle up, buttercup, because this is what you can expect from your first Rhapsody CrossFit class.

NICE TO MEET YOU! The minute you step inside the door you will be greeted by a member of our staff. We will walk you through the quick process of checking in and signing our waiver. Pro tip, the front desk is also where we keep the snacks…

MEET THE SQUAD! This is no cool kids club where we keep to ourselves – you will be introduced to and welcomed by everyone in your class. No strangers here.

WARM IT UP! Each warm-up is designed to prepare you for the Workout of the Day (WOD) and get your heart pumping. Whether it is generalized or digs into a specific skill, the ultimate goal here is to set you up for success in the workout ahead.

LET’S CHAT! Following the warm-up, we all gather around the whiteboard to review the WOD. Each workout is broken up into RX (Advanced), Intermediate and Beginner levels, which gives you clear options around how to confidently challenge yourself. This is the time to talk through strategy, stimuli and desired goals for the WOD along with ironing out any progressions or scaling options for you.

SET UP! From here, we take about 5 minutes to set up the weights or equipment you will need for your WOD, grab water and get our heads right for the main event.

3-2-1-GO! During the WOD, the coaches and I will be monitoring each athlete – giving cues on technique and making any adjustments you need to perform safely and effectively. Push yourself, respect your threshold and have some fun!

Head Coach Alan Shaw leads a cool down at Rhapsody CrossFit.

COOL DOWN! Now that the work is done, it’s time to reward your body with a proper cool-down. For the last few minutes of the class, we will lead a group stretch focused on mobility and winding down those taxed muscles. If time permits, we may also introduce some light skill or stabilization work.

THAT’S A WRAP! Our classes, from start to finish, last an hour. If you need to run, we will get you out the door on time. However, our team is happy to hang around after the workout for questions and feedback – as with any good relationship, communication is key.

Not too scary, huh? You’ve got this, and I’m excited to host you at our gym. Join us for a free class at Rhapsody CrossFit today!