CrossFit-Coffee-Rhapsody-CrossFitAsk any office employee what they drink to stay awake and most of the time you’re going to hear an answer we can all relate to: coffee. Athletes in the CrossFit world will often tell you the same thing, though their reasoning for downing a cup of coffee before a workout may be more strategic than just a caffeine intake to stay awake.

A boost of energy

Caffeine has been shown to boost athletic performance, especially in workouts the length of a normal CrossFit class. With higher energy levels, athletes are able to perform better and see more favorable results. Much like a pre-workout supplement (which are usually loaded with caffeine), coffee can help stimulate your body and better prepare it for a tough workout.

Accelerated fat loss

One of the other well-studied benefits of caffeine is its ability to accelerate fat loss for those who are looking to lose weight through their CrossFit workouts. Caffeine can often increase the metabolism of the individual, as well as act as an appetite suppressant, which has been shown to ultimately result in fat loss.

Good, enjoyable energy

Even without the scientific benefits of weight loss and increased athletic performance, coffee is a great, delicious way to start your morning. As long as you aren’t adding sugars to flavor it, coffee can be a healthy way of starting the morning off right and keeping you awake throughout the day. If you usually drink coffee after your morning workout, give it a try beforehand instead to see if you notice a change in performance or attitude about waking up early to get a WOD in.

At Rhapsody CrossFit, we offer complimentary cold brew on tap from Springbok Coffee Roasters, a local roaster we’re proud to support. Whether you have a cup before or after class, you’re certain to enjoy the benefits of a caffeine buzz from this delicious source. To experience everything we offer at Rhapsody CrossFit in Charleston, join us for a free class today!