Habits-of-a-Coachable-Athlete-Rhapsody-CrossFitWhether you consider yourself an athlete, weekend warrior or a fitness enthusiast, being coachable plays an essential role in what you’re able to achieve. And coachable athletes recognize the value in working with a knowledgeable coach who knows and understands your goals.

Coachability is one of many ways that you can raise the bar on your health and fitness. Here are a few useful habits of a coachable athlete that can help you get more out of your workouts.

1. Learn and practice proper form.

No matter how much experience you have with CrossFit, practicing proper form is an essential part of every single workout. Most group classes will always include a skill component – not only to prepare you for the daily workout but also to promote learning proper form. No matter how much you want to skip all the skill stuff and get right to the workout, remind yourself why your coach is taking time to demonstrate movements. Good technique helps you move more efficiently and decreases your risk for injury.

2. Set your ego aside.

When you workout with other people, you get all the benefits of support, accountability and a sense of community. But at the same time, it’s tough to show up for a workout and not compare yourself, your skills and your fitness to others. Not only that, but there’s also a possibility that you’ll somehow fail in front of other people. So rather than risking a mistake, you decide to stick with things that you’re familiar with. Sure, your coach might’ve recommended a new way to challenge yourself. But if you try it, you might mess up. But remember, the only person you need to compare yourself to is yourself. And failing is how you get better. Set your ego aside and focus on how you can keep improving.

3. Accept feedback with an open mind.

In a coach-led workout, chances are pretty good that you’re going to get some feedback from your coach. Keep in mind that good coaches will offer feedback, not criticism. And there is a difference between the two. View feedback as constructive rather than an attack. So when your coach offers up some guidance, try not to take it personally. Instead, show up always ready to try something new and willing to change how you do something. There is always more to learn.

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