The Charleston Holiday Haze

//The Charleston Holiday Haze

The Charleston Holiday Haze

The-Charleston-Holiday-Haze-Rhapsody-CrossFitRight now, in the swell of the holidays, it can be easy to forget some of the staples we work into our routine during every other time of the year: working out and eating right. Just because you may have a few days of November and December that you get to relax with friends and family, overeat, and forget the worries of your regular routine doesn’t mean you have to throw the whole two months away!

Make a Little Time Each Day

Though you may be too busy to attend your regularly scheduled class or get in your long run, you can still set aside some time each day to break a little sweat. Go for a short, light run or do some exercises during your break at work. You may not be making huge strides toward your goals, but you’re keeping your routine alive so that it doesn’t hit so hard after the holidays are over.

Plan for Your Setting

If you’re traveling for the holidays, make sure you plan for whatever setting you’re going to be in. Search for some trails to run along near where you’re staying, or pack some resistance bands in your suitcase to help you with some exercises you can do anywhere. Just because you’re away from home (and your home gym), doesn’t mean you have to stop exercising!

Find Opportunities

Not every “fitness moment” you have during the holidays has to be a structured run or resistance band exercise. Some just happen organically! Whether it’s a family walk through the neighborhood to check out Christmas lights, a backyard game of flag football, or shoveling some freshly fallen snow, look for those moments to utilize energy in a way that’s disguised as fun!

Once you’re back in Charleston and ready to get back to the gym, don’t forget to check out Rhapsody CrossFit. We offer workouts for everyone, and we’re serious about making sure you reach your goals. Contact us today to find out more about what makes us a great fit for you.