Rhapsody Rocks Spotify!


Have you ever worked out in complete silence? It’s not all that fun. Your workout can feel like it takes five times as long, and all you can hear is your own breathing. It gets awkward and kind of boring. Really boring. Working out with music makes a difference. Here are 10 ways that [...]

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Zen Planner and SugarWOD: Everything You Need to Know


As part of the Rhapsody community, you’ll find a supportive training environment where you can reach your health and fitness goals. We’re dedicated to raising the bar, and we have a few tools in our toolbox to help in this process. Here is everything you need to know about two of those tools: Zen [...]

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Rhapsody CrossFit Launches Home WOD


Rhapsody CrossFit in Charleston rolls out online programming, instructional videos and virtual one-on-one coaching.  In response to temporarily closing our gym in Charleston, Rhapsody CrossFit did what we do best to show up for our members and community - thought outside the box.  Just because we cannot throw down together at the gym, does not [...]

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Motivation Vs. Discipline (You Need Both)


How many times have you woken up and thought, “I have no motivation to work out today.” Some days, you work out anyway. Other days you throw in the towel. But why? Is it because you need more motivation? Is it related to self-discipline? Spoiler's both. Motivation is a feeling. Motivation isn’t tangible. It’s [...]

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Rhapsody CrossFit Goes Outdoor And Online


Ok, team, we’re taking this party outdoors and online. Until the gym can reopen, Rhapsody CrossFit in Charleston is at your service to keep good momentum going and gains coming. Starting on Thursday, March 19, Rhapsody will temporarily close our gym for the health and safety of our community. We are in some uncharted [...]

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Chasing A Goal? Here Are 5 Reasons To Write It Down


Have you ever thought of something you needed to do and told yourself, “I’ll remember to do that.” Only to forget all about it. Pretty sure we’ve all been there. No matter how much we want to do something or how important it is, without writing it down, it may never happen. This is [...]

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3 Habits Of A Coachable Athlete


Whether you consider yourself an athlete, weekend warrior or a fitness enthusiast, being coachable plays an essential role in what you’re able to achieve. And coachable athletes recognize the value in working with a knowledgeable coach who knows and understands your goals. Coachability is one of many ways that you can raise the bar [...]

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Fear Of Fitness: How To Get Over The Intimidation Of Joining A Gym


If the thought of joining a gym makes you nervous, you’re not alone. Many people experience anxiety at the thought of stepping foot into any workout facility. Perhaps some of these common fears sound familiar? Fear of the unknown Fear of messing up or doing something wrong Fear of being judged Fear of failing [...]

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Level Up Your Workday With These Five Habits


Sitting at the same desk in the same chair in the same position for eight to ten hours a day, five days a week can take its toll on you. However, there is the potential for building some healthier habits into the time you spend at work. Level up your workday with one (or [...]

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Avoiding CrossFit Burnout (How to Spice Things Up)


Well, it’s that time. We’ve hit the point of January where all the motivation and excitement of the new year drop off. And when you start to lose steam with your workout routine, no matter what time of year it is, you could find yourself on the path to burnout. When you feel yourself beginning [...]

Avoiding CrossFit Burnout (How to Spice Things Up)2020-03-07T09:09:23+00:00
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