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June 2019

Holy Shift! – Shifting Aesthetic Goals to Performance Goals


Guest post by Mollie Lipka I started CrossFit because I loved the aesthetic CrossFit athletes had. Anyone else? I’m sure I’m not alone. Regardless of my superficial reasons for starting CrossFit, I’m incredibly glad I did. I’ve enjoyed marked health improvements as my body and my mind have grown faster and stronger. I’m more confident, [...]

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April 2019

CrossFit Couplets


Guest post by Mollie Lipka, Rhapsody CrossFit Member If you live in a destination city like Charleston, you know that there will almost always be drop-ins at your CrossFit box. Some you exchange friendly banter with, some you may not speak with at all. Others can have a profound impact on your life without [...]

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Be Happy


Guest post by Mollie Lipka, Rhapsody CrossFit Member In the last and final installment of the humble, hungry, happy blog posts, we are going to tackle what may be the hardest characteristic to define and attain: happiness. Aristotle said that “happiness is a state of activity”. We don’t know many happy people who sit [...]

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February 2019

Be Hungry


Guest post by Mollie Lipka, Rhapsody CrossFit Member A CrossFit friend of mine recently ran his very first half marathon. I tracked his progress every 20 minutes or so from the app I downloaded specifically for his big day. A few days after he finished (and crushed his goal) he told me that no [...]

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January 2019

Be Humble


Guest post by Mollie Lipka, Rhapsody CrossFit Member We have three core values at Rhapsody CrossFit in Charleston – humble, hungry and happy. Recently, Head Coach Alan Shaw asked what being humble meant to us. I thought about it briefly before giving my mind over to the workout of the day and moving on. [...]

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November 2018

CrossFit Mom: Part 3: Let’s talk about sex, baby!


Guest post series by Mollie L. First and foremost, it is insanely good for you. If practiced safely, the benefits of a healthy sex life extend far beyond the bedroom (or wherever you like to get frisky!). On the physical front alone, sex burns calories, lowers blood pressure, increases heart health, strengthens muscles and [...]

CrossFit Mom: Part 3: Let’s talk about sex, baby!2018-12-28T13:41:09+00:00

October 2018

Part 2: CrossFit Mom


CrossFit and Confidence Guest post series by Mollie Lipka In my introduction post, I stated that regular exercise and a nutritious diet should be a priority for everyone but left the questions of ‘why CrossFit?’ and more specifically, ‘why CrossFit for moms?’ open.  Throughout this blog series, I’ll be talking more about this and [...]

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September 2018

Part 1: CrossFit Mom


Don't Be A Martyr. Be A Bad Ass Mother. Guest post series by Mollie Lipka Rhapsody CrossFit member Mollie Lipka in Charleston, SC. We are busier than ever.  According to the US Department of Labor, seventy percent of mothers with children under 18 participate in the labor force, with over 75% employed [...]

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August 2018