You Can Choose A Positive Mindset


By Jennifer Bellini, Moving Forward Founder and Rhapsody Brain Trust Member With a constant barrage of current news in our inboxes and social media streams, it’s no wonder we’re on edge.  Even during times of great stress and uncertainty, it’s important to remember that you still have choices. You can choose self-care to help [...]

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Motivation Vs. Discipline (You Need Both)


How many times have you woken up and thought, “I have no motivation to work out today.” Some days, you work out anyway. Other days you throw in the towel. But why? Is it because you need more motivation? Is it related to self-discipline? Spoiler alert...it's both. Motivation is a feeling. Motivation isn’t tangible. It’s [...]

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Listen To The Advice Of A Cliché – Step Outside Your Comfort Zone


There’s a reason why “stepping outside your comfort zone” has become a popular cliché. Leaving your comfort zone is where you grow and make progress. Why is it so hard to leave? Your comfort zone is familiar. When you stay there, you know exactly what you’re capable of, and there is no risk of [...]

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Your Fitness Mindset – Is It Growth or Fixed?


Your mindset affects your behavior in all areas of your life, including your fitness and health. While researching mindset, behavior, motivation and success, Carol Dweck came up with the terms fixed mindset and growth mindset. These two mindsets are pretty much what they sound like. In a fixed mindset, you believe that things are [...]

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Rethink Your Resolutions: Set Fitness Goals Beyond Shedding Pounds


With the start of a new year (and decade!) just around the corner, you might’ve started thinking about the fitness goals you hope to accomplish in the new year. Probably the most common resolution thrown around this time of year is, “I should try to lose some weight.” Of all the resolutions, habits and [...]

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Morning Rituals To Win The Day


Lately, it seems like more people are talking about their morning rituals. And for good reason. Morning rituals can help you win the day. No matter what might’ve happened yesterday, starting a new day with a familiar routine acts as a reset button. When you start your day with a tried and true intentional [...]

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Finagling The Funk: We All Hit Fitness Ruts. Here’s How To Get Out Of Them.


If you stick to the same workout routine, eventually the lack of variety can hinder your progress. Here are three rut-busting tips to help you finagle and get past a workout funk: 1. Switch Things Up Building a consistent routine is excellent for creating sustainable habits. But over time, that same old, same old [...]

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Handled With Care


When we think about post-workout recovery, we often think of stretching, foam rolling and maybe an Epsom salt bath. Sure, these are all great ways to take care of sore (or soon-to-be sore) muscles, but what are you doing to take care of your hands? Every lift and bar grab takes a toll on [...]

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Be Happy


Guest post by Mollie Lipka, Rhapsody CrossFit Member In the last and final installment of the humble, hungry, happy blog posts, we are going to tackle what may be the hardest characteristic to define and attain: happiness. Aristotle said that “happiness is a state of activity”. We don’t know many happy people who sit [...]

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