Rhapsody Business Directory


Our community is made up of movers and shakers doing great work well beyond the four walls of Rhapsody CrossFit. From physicians and surgeons to bakers and brewers, learn more about the professional expertise among our athletes and engage with each other on another level through the Rhapsody Business Directory.  ANIMAL CARE Isaac Bernstein [...]

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Rhapsody CrossFit’s Top 10 Charleston Must-Dos


We just love showing off our city! No matter what you’re into - history, food, art, music, fashion and more - there’s something in Charleston that will speak to you.  Team Rhapsody is constantly exploring and discovering new Holy City treasures, and we are quick to share them with anyone looking for local insight [...]

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Team Rhapsody’s Picks: The Best of Charleston’s Food Scene


By Alan Shaw, Co-Founder and Head Coach of Rhapsody CrossFit With hundreds of people visiting us in Charleston every day, we love hosting travelers at Rhapsody CrossFit for a good sweat session before they hit the town. One of the questions we almost always get from our drop-ins is where to eat, and, with [...]

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