Raising the bar on what it means to be a hungry athlete, Sarah Platt shares her story on showing up and going from 0 to level 10 obsessed with CrossFit in the space of a week.

What is your story?

I grew up in Maryland and did my undergraduate degree at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. I am currently a PhD candidate at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York. By trade I am a historical archaeologist (my MA is and my PhD will be in anthropology with a historical archaeology focus).

In short, I dig up ancient trash and tell stories about the people who discarded it. The “historical” means I study the modern world – essentially after the year of 1492. I spent three years in Syracuse completing my coursework before moving to Charleston at the end of 2016 to collect data to write my dissertation. My research focuses on the City of Charleston around the timeframe of the American Revolution.

What brought you to Rhapsody CrossFit?

I had started my fitness journey about eight months before coming to Rhapsody both for weight loss (everyone talks about the freshman 15, no one talks about the PhD 25) and as a means of coping with the anxiety and depression that is a distressingly common story in higher education.

I had wanted to try CrossFit for a while, especially since my improvement had plateaued with the other fitness classes I had been taking downtown. But I was much too intimidated – everyone in the social media feeds for other area boxes had triceps on their triceps!

When Rhapsody CrossFit in Charleston opened, with their message of inclusivity front and center, the workouts scaled to various levels from the outset, and many different kinds of people of all sorts of shapes and sizes on their Instagram, I felt comfortable giving it a whirl. The intensity of the workouts and the supportive community made me realize I was actually capable of those workouts – it sucked me in, and the rest is history! Went from 0 to level 10 obsessed in the space of a week.

What have you gotten out of your experience with Rhapsody CrossFit?

As a learner, I am very guilty of taking a task I am struggling with and running off to a corner where no one can see me until I figure it out. As someone new to fitness and still relatively uncomfortable with these kinds of movements and challenges, this inclination is especially strong.

This is not an option at Rhapsody CrossFit – no retreating into corners or falling through cracks. The coaches force you to be front and center, they help you work through challenges in a kind and constructive way, and help you improve safely while scrubbing away any ego.

This team don’t take any of my bullshit either. I used to horseback ride, and my trainer would always say when I was nervous “would I make you do anything that I did not believe whole-heartedly you are capable of doing?” I get that sense from the team at Rhapsody, we’re here for you and will help you in a kind and helpful way, but put the weight back on that bar and push yourself!  

To the Rhapsody Community, you are a prime example of what it means to be hungry – tell me about that drive to be better and what motivates you?

To me, being hungry means showing up every day, tackling the challenge with earnest enthusiasm, and follow through. You can accomplish so much by being physically and mentally present; then making an honest attempt to learn with an open mind. This mentality extends into all aspects of life, and something I experience as an educator.

Show up, put your back into it, listen and ask for help as needed and you’ll be shocked at how far you’ll go.

As for what motivates me – CrossFit started as a new way to continue weight loss but has evolved into so much more. I like seeing what I am capable of, and observing my strength and endurance measurably increase.

I have this newfound sense that an exponentially stronger, fitter self is within reach and completely possible by showing up, putting my back into it, and pushing just a bit harder every time. This is coming from someone who was barely off the couch a year ago!  

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“Show up, put your back into it, listen and ask for help as needed and you’ll be shocked at how far you’ll go.”