Raising the bar on what it means to be a humble athlete, Kyle Boggs shares his story on learning something new with every workout and how that makes him better inside and outside the gym. 

What is your story?

I’ve lived in Charleston for 12 years and have loved every minute of being in this beautiful city. I moved here to go to C of C (Math and Economics double major) and couldn’t leave after graduation. I work as a global consultant for Robert Bosch LLC, a global automotive Tier 1 supplier. 

Fun fact: Every automobile produced in the world has at least one Bosch component in it. 

Charleston is definitely considered my home! 

Kyle Boggs at Rhapsody CrossFit in Charleston, SC.

What brought you to Rhapsody CrossFit?

I met Alan and Trinity when they were visiting Charleston on a house hunting and business location scouting trip. They were super pesky and kept creeping into my Instagram DMs, but I grew to love them. 

I took their first free class on Opening Day, July 14th, 2018, and have never looked back. The whole community at the gym is freaking awesome!

What have you gotten out of your experience with Rhapsody CrossFit?

When I walked in the doors for the first time, I thought I was fit (not an Olympic athlete, but I could out run a turtle and hold a 2 min. plank). I quickly learned that movements I thought I had mastered at previous gyms could be greatly improved; allowing me to add more weight, do more reps and increase efficiency. 

I also climbed a freaking 15’ rope! I mean come on – who does that before walking into a CrossFit gym?!?

But really the most personal thing I’ve gotten from the gym that I’ve translated to my daily work life is the element of passion and encouragement – the immediate feedback to someone who just accomplished something for the first time after cheering them on to hit that PR positively transferred over to my mentoring calls with associates on my teams. 

To the Rhapsody community, you are a prime example of what it means to be humble – tell me about that drive to be better and what motivates you?

My favorite part of my hour at Rhapsody is the “warm-up”. We break down each and every movement for the day. We are stretching, preparing, building and most importantly learning. 

If I can take away one new thing each class, then I’m learning so much over the course of the week, month and year. Maybe it’s how to move your arms on a rope climb, how to do a box step over more efficiently or how to cycle a barbell. Once you pick up this “learning” of the day, it’s amazing how much better you become.

One more rep, one second faster, one pound more. 

I also learn so much from the Rhapsody community. I love all of the peeps – such an intelligent group of fit people! Overall, if I’m not learning how to be better, why am I there? Planet Fitness is only $9/month and has free pizza and massage chairs.  

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