5 Tips For Setting and Achieving Your Goals

//5 Tips For Setting and Achieving Your Goals

5 Tips For Setting and Achieving Your Goals

5-Tips-For-Setting-and-Achieving-Your-Goals-Rhapsody-CrossFitWith the start of the new year, now is the time for setting yearly goals and planning out how you want your 2019 to look. When it comes to creating these goals, it’s important to keep some things in mind that will help you to not only set large, attainable goals but keep you grounded in what’s important to you to get you where you want to go.

1. Prioritize Your Values – The first thing to think about when setting your goals is what you consider as most important to you. Have you been told by a doctor that you need to lose weight? Are you unhappy where you’re living? Take a look at the big picture to see what should come first and plan down from there.

2. Consider the Attainability – While it’s easy to get lost in the big hopes and dreams we can so readily have, it’s important to keep your goals tough but attainable. If you do have a large goal, maybe it takes more than a year to reach, so use this year as a stepping stone to get you where you ultimately would like to be.

3. Make Your Goals Measurable – Goals like “lose weight” and “eat better” can be difficult to envision and implement, so use hard measurements to give yourself a “checklist” rather than an idea. A better goal than “lose weight” might be “reach 170 pounds”. This goal is more measurable and easier to track.

4. Create Specific Deadlines – One way to keep up with goals that may take the whole year (or longer) is to set milestone deadlines that become stepping stones toward your main goal. If your goal is to take a whole self-paced certification class online, use deadlines like “finish the first three lessons by March 1” to make sure you’re pacing correctly.

5. Don’t Give Up! – Even if you’ve set up your milestone deadlines and miss one, you can always push yourself harder to meet the second one. Don’t give up on your goals just because the year is over, there’s a reason you created your goal in the first place!

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